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Mazda believes there is an extension for vehicles to develop further, in a way that takes the joy of driving to a new level and combines it with outstanding environmental and safety performance. Our main goal is to accomplish the best possible level and further the advancement of the vehicle.


We are the distributor of Mazda vehicles & spare parts based in Malaysia. We distribute a selected range of Mazda vehicles & spare parts in Malaysia & Philippines. We also operate 3S centres in Malaysia. Bermaz Auto Berhad Group was listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 18 November 2013.

Protecting you and your Mazda

Unfortunately, accidents happen.
Our emotional state can be shattered. The anxiety and stress in handling police reports and insurance claims. That’s before you’ve even considered repairing the damage. You worry about the damages sustained in the accident and wonder whether you will continue to enjoy your Mazda in its original state.

With Mazda Accident Management, you don’t have to worry about running around. Our total solution will give you peace of mind, from 24h roadside assistance to towing service, solving insurance claims, and the repairs are carried out according to factory specifications, the technical standards and quality expected of Mazda. We will restore your Mazda to pre-accident condition, ensuring the original safety and quality of your vehicle is not compromised. At our Authorized Mazda Body & Paint Centre, we provide the right parts, the right equipment, and the right people to rebuild your Mazda.

Our Bodywork Specialists are trained and qualified to work with our revolutionary SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture that ensꦡures vehicle-total coordination. We understand the technology built into our vehicles and t📖he correlation of the functions of an increasing number of Driver Assist Systems in our vehicles.

We collaborate closely with Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. constantly updating our bodywork repair training program with the latest repair techniques, to impart knowledge and repair skills to our specialists and the use of improved tools and equipment on the market.

In collaboration with our paint suppliers, our paintwork specialists are equipped with the painting skills and techniques to respray and repair even the most demanding technically required skills for our signature Soul Red Crystal.

Whether for body damage, paint repair, replacement of components, or smaller repair for the windscreen, scratch, and dent: you can be sure that your Mazda is in good hands.

Our six training centers at strategic locations in our country ensures we develop a pool of knowledgeable and highly trained specialists for our network.
We know what it takes to restore your Mazda to its original specification and only we can confidently give you a warranty you can rely on. At the same time, protect your interest in safeguarding the original vehicle warranty coverage on your vehicle.

When you buy your Insurance Coverage from our Panel of Insurers
Pre-approved limit to speed up repairs and Mobility Allowance tailored to ease customer inconvenience and ensures mobility whilst the vehicle is under repair.

Backed by BERMAZ.

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